Why stand with us?


Cannabis for Conservation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit whose mission is to conserve persisting natural resources, restore degraded ecosystems, and educate communities to prevent further impacts from unsustainable cannabis cultivation. As a burgeoning legal industry dependent on healthy natural systems, we saw the need to institute a conservation ethic that expands beyond sustainable cultivation practices, and addresses stewardship from a more holistic, ecosystem-level perspective. We are here as a resource to the environment, and to the cannabis industry, and are honored to be that interface.

California legalized recreational cannabis with Proposition 64 in 2016, solidifying its place in California’s free market. For decades prior to legalization and presently, cannabis was the economic backbone for the communities of Humboldt, Mendocino, and Trinity Counties, constituting what is widely known as the Emerald Triangle, and the birthplace of the US’s cannabis industry. Traditional cultivation was significantly less expansive on the landscape, and held a culture of stewardship. As demand for cannabis and profitability grew, so did the prevalence of cultivation. This prevalence of cultivation and its sometimes unsustainable nature has impacted sensitive ecosystems, manifesting as low water levels from stream diversion, eutrophication of watersheds from fertilizer run-off, and the wide-spread poisoning of wildlife from by anti-coagulant rodenticides. This emphasizes the need for the legal industry to favor small, regenerative farms, and to incorporate a broader definition of stewardship to include biodiversity conservation, adaptive wildlife management, and ecological monitoring.

Our conservation ethic:

1) Collaboratively institute Integrated Wildlife Management (IWM)— biodiversity conservation, adaptive wildlife management, and ecological monitoring— as an industry standard.

2) Facilitate cooperative, supportive relationships between the historically polarized interests of the cannabis industry, environmental organizations, and regulatory agencies.

3) Empower cannabis communities with a holistic education of environmental stewardship, and provide resources to implement on-the-ground conservation programs.

cannabis for conservation partners

Cannabis businesses may participate and commit to our conservation ethic by becoming a partner of Cannabis for Conservation. They may share their commitment with consumers by displaying our logo at their place of business or on products. Our ethic is different than a sustainability standard, as our focus is on ecosystems interfacing with cannabis— not the cannabis itself. We do not certify cannabis as sustainable, organic, or otherwise “green”, and our logo on products does not either. To be a partner, you must participate as a host farm in one of our conservation programs. To contact us and learn more, or to apply, please click here.

1% For the Planet Partners

Cannabis for Conservation is a nonprofit partner of Patagonia’s initiative 1% For the Planet, where donors and doers are brought together. Corporate or individual donors who donate at least 1% of a product, brand, or total sales or income will be matched with nonprofits according to their giving interests.

1% for the Planet donors of Cannabis for Conservation may use our logo and the 1% For the Planet logo to let their consumers know of their commitment.


We value transparency within the nonprofit, and want our collaborators and partners to know exactly where our proceeds are being channeled. To view our awarded Seal of Transparency and Guidestar Profile, please click here.

We believe that every industry, but particularly natural resource and agricultural industries, need to have an environmental ethic that goes beyond compliance. We wish to collaborate with those that will help set this conservation precedent.